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Inland Family Practice Center was first opened in 2019 with the dream to help anyone and everyone looking for addiction treatment. Our founders knew that many suffering from opioid addiction and withdrawal were hesitant to start treatment due to the stigma and assumptions that come with addiction.

By treating our patients with the kindness, respect and attitude that they deserve, Inland Family Practice Center quickly because the premier Suboxone Clinic in the Carolinas. Contact our Suboxone team today to learn more and schedule your new appointment today!

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About Our Inland Family Practice Center

Don’t let an opioid addiction continue to run your life and steal your happiness. The experienced and empathetic staff at Inland Family Practice Center are ready to start you on a medication assisted treatment plan designed for your enduring success. If you’ve tried everything, but nothing has stuck or reduced your urge to use, recovery is still possible through medically-assisted treatment. Suboxone is a proven, evidence-based approach toward addiction recovery. Since its inception, our Suboxone clinics have helped countless patients achieve sobriety – and, today, we would love to help you receive the same results. While it comes as close as you can get to a miracle cure for addiction for some patients, Suboxone is not a one-size-fits-all solution for substance abuse disorders. Our experienced Suboxone doctors are aware of this. As board-certified physicians with in-depth knowledge of addiction recovery, they are qualified to craft a medically-assisted treatment plan to help you overcome your opioid addiction that’s tailored to your unique obstacles and advantages.

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The Four Promises That Make Up The Inland Family Practice Center Difference

In-Depth Treatment

At Inland Family Practice Center, we understand substance abuse disorder as a medical condition that can improve with treatment. Our staff looks beyond the diagnosis to treat underlying causes to establish a long-term strategy for success.

Evidence-based services

We have decades of data showing that our approach helps people recover from substance dependency. Every service we offer has evidence that supports its effectiveness.

Personalized treatment plans

We understand each patient is different. During intake, we’ll develop a care strategy tailored to your needs, carefully considering your symptoms and situation and creating a treatment plan with the highest chance of success.

Respectful Care

Our providers and staff promote a positive and uplifiting office environment to provide a first-class experience. We are dedicated to ensuring our patients know they will be treated with respect and dignity.

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